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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hanif Idrus Giveaway 2013 Segmen

Peace be upon to all lovely readers :)

Lihat awan di sana, berarak mengikutiku. 
Pasti Dia pun tahu. (Lalala, happy sangat lah tu dapat at least I had spent a few minutes to update this blog, right?)

Hanif Idrus Giveaway 2013 Segmen, join nak?
So, on this opportunity, I would like to join this  segment by Hanif Idrus. It's sound simple to join. No much time needed. At least, my blog is updated enough for this year. Actually, for this month, right. Hee. Lately, I was so busy completing my assignments. Just make it easy. We go through this segment : It'll last on..

9th of February 2013

For lucky bloggers, you will get three exclusive key-chains given by Hanif which he collected for his loyal blog readers through the 2012 year :) Just click those highlighted name to join the segment.