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Thursday, 24 October 2013

MUET Test Experience

Assalamualaikum peeps. 24 Oktober 2013 : otot jari digerakkan semula untuk berkarya. 

MUET (Malaysian University English Test). Alhamdulillah I have already done my speaking test yesterday. What a relief. It was an awesome and enjoyful experience. Although we have not well-prepared (it was only ME actually) , but we have done our part nicely. Good job guys. 

Intro mestilah kena ber'speaking' omputih sikit kan. Haha dah nama MUET test. Sangat mendebarkan. Betul. Serius. Tak tipu. Ini bukan cerita dongeng. Mula-mula, memang dah kompem satu kumpulan dengan perempuan je. Tiba-tiba. Alamak! Terpaksa diganti seorang wanita dengan seorang teruna yang turun dari langit ke berapa entah. It's alright, as long he contributes he's ideas and cooperates well with us. I really amazed with his courage although his pronounciation in English was not very well. Maybe it is because of his dialect. In the last partial minutes left before we began our test, he had encouraged us to be more out-spoken and not to be timid. Just express what you think, feel and understand. 

In the examination class.

All candidates have already done their individual task. We got a little bit easy question. About ways in spending our money (first salary). I lost my point at first. I was in controlled nervous and panic. Alhamdulillah, it was a coincidence and best fortune to us. For the group task, I enjoyed our conversation although we were lack of points at first. We almost finished at the fifth minutes. It should be stopped at the minute of ten. Fortunately, the man helped us. He was a candidate A and sat nearly beside me as I was a candidate B.

Candidate A : May I interrupt you ? (Fuhh *sigh. What a relief! He had saved the situation.)

Yes! That simple sentences which flowed swiftly from a mouth of an unknown man had brought to an amazing conversation. (With God permission) We successfully completed the task and concluded it in the interval of time given. Nevertheless, we are not really sure if our marks are in a good rank of qualification or not. We just hope that we could do it well and passed with flying colours. Amin :) 

Do pray for our excel and success in next MUET Test for writing, listening and reading tests on 23rd of November 2013. This test is been taken especially for those who are intend to further their studies in Malaysia. This qualification only limited for 3 years only. Do enjoy ^_^

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